Streamline Collaborative with the Lakeshore Streamline Divorce Team

I am proud to participate in Streamline Collaborative through the Lakeshore Streamline Divorce Team. I am a founding member of the Lakeshore Streamline Divorce Team.

What is the Streamline Collaborative?

Streamline Collaborative is a one cost, flat-fee solution where you have access to a team of experienced professionals who will help you reach an agreement. This is a process for people who want peace-of-mind knowing the cost for their divorce, from the beginning to the signing of the separation agreement. Streamline Collaborative allows for the voluntary and free exchange of information, a pledge not to go to court, and a commitment to mutual respect and cooperation.

This process and the Lakeshore Streamline Divorce Team will give you the best chance to resolve all the issues, so that you can move on with the next stage of your life.

You will have the security of knowing what the cost will be as the process has a flat fee that covers all services from start to finish.

In addition to your collaborative lawyer, you will also have the support of two neutral collaborative professionals:

  1. A neutral family professional, who is a child specialist, that can help you and your partner improve communication and manage conflict. He can provide insight into concerns of the children and help craft a parenting plan.
  2. A neutral financial specialist can help gather and explain financial information and create future projections for settlement options. She can help alleviate your concerns over the future and provide you with a plan for your future after separation.

What is the Lakeshore Streamline Divorce Team?

Lakeshore Streamline Divorce Team is a group of four professionals (two lawyers, a family professional, and a financial specialist) that work as a team to help you and your spouse resolve all issues arising out of your separation as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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