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Collaborative Law by Paul Steckley

Resolving issues between separating spouses

I have engaged in various methods of resolution, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, litigation, and collaborative family law.

Collaborative family law is an excellent way of resolving issues between separating spouses and I urge everyone reading this profile to educate themselves on its benefits, even if you do not retain me. Separation is a difficult emotional experience. Choosing a non-confrontational, non-litigious method of resolution will assist you in the healing process immensely. I am a huge proponent of the collaborative family law method and recommend it to most of my clients.

Collaborative family law is a process for settlement-oriented couples who want to avoid the devastating impact of going to court. A participation agreement is signed between both parties so that there is a promise to avoid court, and the parties meet face-to-face with their respective lawyers to reach agreement.

Collaborative family law has many benefits when compared to traditional negotiation and litigation:

  • Collaborative law saves time, money, and grief over a lengthy court process
  • The relationships between the spouses remain civil, which is often beneficial when there are children involved
  • Both parties feel like they’ve won to some extent. Litigation is a lose-lose scenario.
  • The process can be customized to fit the needs of the parties. The court process is rigid and parties must abide by its terms.
  • Most clients feel much more satisfied with the results of collaborative law than clients who followed the traditional route.

Collaborative divorce is not for everyone. But is it right for you? Get in touch today and let’s discuss your situation.

What is Collaborative Family Law?


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